Here Be Zombies In Three New Teasers For “Fear The Walking Dead”

Friends, brace thyselves. The annual pop culture behemoth that is the San Diego Comic-Con International kicks off for 2015 in a matter of hours, and with it will come the barrage of new looks, teasers, trailers, and assorted titbits of information for film and TV studios big up-and-coming projects.

And the fun has already begun, with AMC putting out a trio of teasers for the impending release of Fear The Walking Dead, the prequel series to the wildly popular The Walking Dead that traces back to the onset of the outbreak that winds up besieging humanity.
Ahead of the pair of shows scheduled panel in the much revered Hall H on the San Diego Convention Centre, the three teasers don’t show much in the way of plot of characters, but they do give a sense of what to expect in the early episodes – regular life, horribly interrupted by the emergence of the undead.

Where things go from here is anyone’s guess.
Will Los Angeles be torn apart by rabid, flesh-thirsty moving corpses?
Will a new hero rise to shepherd those who escape to safety?
Or will America find a way to enslave and utilise the functions of zombies and integrate them into existing society, revealing Atlanta to be a weird anomaly secretly run by a pocket of survivalist fanatics with deathwishes?
Fear The Walking Dead is scheduled to hit TV screens in August.