Heaps Gay Want Rural LGBTQI Folk To Help The Mardi Gras Parade Go Full Bush

To celebrate regional and rural LGBTQIA+ communities and everything they have done for the safety and support of young queer folk in areas outside of the colourful and somewhat-more-accepting hubs that capital cities seem to provide, Heaps Gay are using their float in the 2019 Mardi Gras parade to bring people from those regional, rural and remote communities to come and see the whole outrageous spectacle for the first time from the best spot – in the parade itself.

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The Heaps Gay team have done a big call-out for LGBTQIA+ folk that live outside the city rat race to come and be a part of their celebration of being full bush, on the Camp Country float for this year.

Think what it would be like if Dolly Parton showed up to a BnS Ball in Deniliquin. That’s exactly the vibe that Heaps Gay are searching for with their upcoming Mardi Gras parade float and walk up Oxford St on the night of March 2nd.

There are 25 spots available for those who are yet to get their Mardi Gras parade cherry popped, so if you’re from out-of-town and want to do your first parade by shaking your rhinestone booty up the Oxford St, then absolutely get around the Heaps Gay facebook event to apply for a spot in the parade march.

If you’re over 18, your spot on the float also gets you a ticket to the official afterparty at Hordern Pavilion, which certifiably goes off every god damned year.