Hasbro Just Bought Death Row Records So I Guess Peppa Pig And Snoop Are Label Bros Now

Today in “What The Actual Fuck” news, Hasbro just bought Death Row Records. Yep. The company that owns Peppa Pig just bought Suge Knight’s infamous record label.

In a $4.1B USD cash transaction, Hasbro purchased Entertainment One, the parent company of Death Row Records. Because what’s more hip hop than buying a company in cold hard cash?

So does that mean that the second Peppa Pig record is going to be released through Death Row? I sure hope so. Peppa and Snoop Dogg would make great label bros.

Entertainment One adds to Hasbro’s extensive company, which owns Monopoly, Play-Doh, My Little Pony and Dungeons and Dragons among many other toy and game brands. So basically from birth to death, Hasbro will be making bank from you.

“The acquisition of eOne adds beloved story-led global family brands that deliver strong operating returns to Hasbro’s portfolio and provides a pipeline of new brand creation driven by family-oriented storytelling, which will now include Hasbro’s IP,” Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner said.

Entertainment One have an extensive music catalogue, including everyone from Alice Ivy to Lil’ Kim, so it’s a pretty substantial acquisition for Hasbro. In addition to music, Entertainment One also includes a number of popular TV and film franchises including Designated Survivor and the upcoming Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark film. So the acquisition is huge, even for a massive company like Hasbro.

“In addition, Hasbro will leverage eOne’s immersive entertainment capabilities to bring our portfolio of brands that have appeal to gamers, fans and families to all screens globally and realise full franchise economics across our blueprint strategy for shareholders. We are excited to welcome eOne’s talented employees from around the world into the Hasbro family.”

Although Death Row hasn’t actually operated as a label in years, Suge Knight’s son is trying to capitalise on his father’s legacy while he’s in prison. Suge Jr. has made some wild claims, including allegations that we’ll see new Tupac music released by Death Row in future.

Will we get a Suge Knight Mr. Potato Head? Maybe A G.I Snoop Dogg? Tupac-opoly? Who knows. The possibilities are endless.

Although the new acquisition isn’t quite as zesty as Hasbro directly buying Death Row, the internet still went wild over it.