Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Had Their 1st Official Outing, So Rest Easy

Welp, there it is. The first ‘official’ public outing of Prince Harry and partner Meghan Markle, a couple so tantalising to certain media types that the British royal himself had to remind everyone to simmer the hell down. 

Appearing in Toronto on the sidelines of the Invictus Games, the pair caught a wheelchair doubles tennis match between Daniel Jeffery and Jamie Tanner of Australia, and New Zealand’s Glenn Barnes and Aaron Gibbs.

New Zealand reigned victorious with a 6 – 4 win. After the match, the high-profile couple had a chat to fans about the game; Olivia Kornal, whose step-father plays for the Kiwis, said “the rules are different to normal tennis as well so they were talking about that. Harry was explaining it to her. They were absolutely lovely, they asked me if I enjoyed the game and who I was cheering on.”

So, that’s just lovely.

Having a stroll, just like common-folk. Via Chris Jackson / Getty


Chatting! Via Chris Jackson / Getty


No idea what’s going on here. Via Chris Jackson / Getty

The appearance was all pretty fortuitous for the couple: Prince Harry serves as the Invictus Games’ public figurehead, and is a massive proponent of empowering wounded veterans through sport. Markle, who portrays legal mastermind Rachel Zane in uber-hit Suits, films the show in Toronto. This means the Very Good Date™ happened on pretty familiar territory for both of ’em.

Now that’s out in the open, perhaps some segments of the news industry can stop frothing themselves into oblivion over their existence as an item.