Happy Monday! Trump Just Tweeted A Fake Video Of Him Clocking Hillary W/ A Golf Ball

Good morning Australia! Have you forgotten how utterly cooked 2017 is in your slumber? Don’t worry, everything’s still a Kafkaesque nightmare fire, and to remind you all, Trump just re-tweeted a fake video of himself practically assaulting Hillary Clinton, originally posted by a racist Twitter account.

Try going back in time any further than two years and trying to explain that one to someone…

The Big Strong President Man re-tweeted the below vid overnight, which is edited to make it look like Donald has smacked a golf ball right into the back of former Democratic candidate Clinton, making her stumble into the plane she’s boarding.

The leader of the free world saw a Twitter account named ‘CNN SUCKS’ and the handle ‘@fuctupmind’, with a gif that ostensibly shows (fake) assault of his former political opponent, and thought to himself in his bloated donkey brain “this is worth sharing with my 38.5 million followers.”

Also a quick scroll through the account in question reveals a litany of stuff generally associated with Deplorables aka diehard Trump supporters including lots of anti-black sentiments:

WORLD IS FUKT etc. etc.

I mean, you really shouldn’t need us to explain this, but the US President sharing a representation of assault (whilst unfortunately very much in his wheelhouse given his alleged past), is a hideous abuse of his incredibly widespread influence, and has the potential to normalise and even encourage violence towards women amongst his already revved up fanbase.

Also, mate, you won. You’re president. Why the fuck are you still Clinton-bashing? Oh, yeah cause you’re a fetid orange clown monster.