Hanson Tries, Fails To Clarify Her Abhorrent Take On Kids With Disabilities

Pauline Hanson has railed against a Courier Mail headline, which lambasted yesterday’s instantly infamous parliamentary speech about children with autism. The thing is, she provided a clip of her speech in an attempt to contextualise her comments, and good lord – the whole package somehow makes her take even fucking worse.
In a video posted on Facebook, the One Nation leader said the headline Pauline’s Plan To Get Rid Of Autistic Kids was “taken completely out of context,” but provided no indication as to what her intended context actually was.

Instead, she shared footage of her entire missive, and, uh… look.

What she said is that children with autism are holding other students back, that their mere presence in mainstream classrooms is detrimental to other kids by virtue of taking up a teacher’s time, that students will eventually miss out on jobs to immigrants (!!!) because of the issue, and yes, that we need to “get rid of these people because you want everyone to feel good about themselves.” 

Since that intellectually bereft garbage tumbled half-formed out of her tremulous lips, disability advocates and those with half a fucking clue about what they’re talking about have savaged Hanson’s take. 

Speaking to the ABC, Autism Australia head Nicole Rogerson said that Hanson’s opinion dragged “the discussion about inclusive education back about 50 years”.

Austism Spectrum Australia
also shared a post by artist Tim Sharp, who celebrated his “mainstreamed” education in defiance of Hanson’s demonstrably bad viewpoint.

All she had to say is “I believe we should have more funding to help teachers cater to students with different needs,” but no, what she said she wants amounts to needless segregation. The mind boggles. 

Source: Pauline Hanson’s One Nation / Facebook / ABC. 
Photo: Pauline Hanson’s One Nation / Facebook.