Handsome Cop Saves Joey, Melts Hearts, Potentially Crashes The Internet

We hope you have touched your daily dose of cuteness yet, y’all. Because we’re about to overload that biz.

A young cop in Western Australia is setting aflutter the hearts of the internet after word got out that he had rescued a joey from the pouch of its dead mother, and is slowly nursing and hand-rearing him at his local police station.
Constable Scott Mason of the WA Police came across the wee little animal yesterday morning, when it was brought into Cue Police Station after being found in its mother’s pouch. The elder roo had been sadly hit and killed by a truck, but the joey survived.
Mason, a former paramedic, only took up residence in the remote town of Cue (about 5 hours inland from Geraldton) as the town’s newest police officer six weeks ago. And if this photo of him with his new mate isn’t enough to make you all doe-eyed, we suggest checking your damned pulse.

The animal, according to Mason, is “very dehydrated and skinny, but we’re doing what we can.” The animal will need to be hand-reared for several years before it can be released.

Mason, a self-confessed animal lover, also stated that he hopes to set up a wildlife refuge in the town, which has a population of some 300-odd.
But before you go throwing your contact details at your computer screen, know that you’re already too late. Mason’s wife just gave birth to the couple’s first child, with both mother and son living back in Perth.
Still, handsome young compassionate cop rescuing a wee little baby roo and nursing him back to health in his police shirt?
Prepare to become a meme, young man.

Source: 9News.
Photo: Nine News Adelaide/Twitter.