Hands Free Masturbation? There’s An App For That

The prodigious display of invention, innovation and other words beginning with “I” that is this year’s international Consumer Electronics Show is currently taking place in Las Vegas, so what better place than Sin City to launch science’s latest weapon in the war against not being able to covertly masturbate in public while outwardly appearing to be playing around on your smartphone and really enjoying a game of Candy Crush. Yep. Want to cream your jeans on a train without being inappropriate? There’s an app for that.  

Tech-assisted sex toy manufacturers OhMiBod today announced the launch of the “blueMotion Massager”, super panties embedded with a bluetooth activated vibrator users can control with an accompanying app on their smartphones. Wearers (or their partners, or whoever) can use the smartphone’s accelerometer, touchscreen and volume controls to tweak the rhythm, intensity and angle of the “massage” insert until the desired effect is reached.

“It’s a really fun way to control vibrations without anyone knowing what you’re doing because the remote is on your phone,” 
OhMiBod co-founder Brian Dunham told Mashable. “Technology can drive couples apart, but this is using technology and gadgets to bring them closer together.”    

It could also make one party 1) kind of redundant 2) resent a pair of underwear. 

The massager will be available for purchase in March and retail for $129.

Via Mashable