Apparently This Is What Gwyneth Paltrow Whispered To Her Ski Crash Accuser As She Left Court

Gwyneth Paltrow

If you haven’t been following the Gwyneth Paltrow ski-crash-lawsuit-drama (good for you), if you have (I’m sorry). But before you take your hat off and call it a day because the lawsuit is finally over, we’ve got one more morsel of gossip for you to sink your teeth into.

For context: Terry Sanderson, a retired optometrist, filed a lawsuit in January 2019 accusing the actress of crashing into him at a ski resort in 2016, and leaving him “seriously injured.”

After a long, bizarre trial – the jury found Sanderson “100 per cent” at fault and Paltrow not at fault for the incident. According to The Daily Mail, after the trial ended, Paltrow approached Sanderson and whispered in his ear: “I wish you well”.

What Paltrow said is actually quite sweet, but I have to say I am slightly disappointed. I was hoping she might whisper something a bit more chaotic, like: “vAgInA cAndLE” or “Goopity goop goop”.  But alas, she was actually quite nice about the whole thing and now I’m even more convinced to finally buy her Supergoop! sunscreen.

PR stunt or actually nice person???? I don’t bloody know.

The other part of the trial that made me take an inch more of a shine toward the Goopess was that she only countersued for $1 USD, compared to Sanderson’s original lawsuit — which asked for $3 million in damages.

I mean it’s definitely easy to only ask for $1 when you’re a multi-millionaire. But she could’ve done a Rebel Wilson and got a mega payout, if she wanted.

God knows why I’m grasping at straws to defend Gwyneth Paltrow, of all people. But this Sanderson fellow seems like a bit of a leech to be fair. Send him to the gallows, I say! (just kiddinggg pls no no no I don’t want to get sued too).

There’s also speculation that this whole trial was a PR stunt to cover up Paltrow’s quite frankly disturbing interview on what she eats in a day.

But surely a full-blown court case is a bit more damaging to ones reputation than a diet????

Honestly, TikTokers will call anything a PR stunt these days. If I was actually a celebrity and not just one in my own imagination, I’d bet anything I did could be a PR stunt. Ohhh how convenient she’s being papped at Coles just days after her card declined at Woolies. She’s clearly in damage control.