Anyone who’s ever listed anything for sale on Gumtree will know of a few absolute truths: Every post will attract a truly horrid amount of offers from insane people offering you $0.50, no matter how much the original asking price was. Text communicating with anyone who contacts you via there will be like pulling teeth. And occasionally, once every so often, an outrageously good listing pops up on there that makes the whole experience worth it.

To that end, there’s a fair chance that this is some sort of loose stitch-up borne over a few late night drinks.

But on the off chance that it’s legit, holy shit is it good.

At some point over the weekend, a bloke only identified as “Matt” listed an old motorcycle helmet on the site, asserting that his recently departed Grandfather had it lying around the garage and that it may be of use to someone.

The only problem is that the item is ah… very much not an old motorcycle helmet. At all.

Oh buddy. Oh buddy, no.

The Gumtree listing only raises further questions for poor Matt, asserting that “my grandfather passed away recently and I was asked to clean out his shed/garage to see what was of value to sell.

And then it all goes bung real quick.

I came across this old motorcycle helmet, which I think must be from the 1940’s or thereabouts. It’s leather and doesn’t have any Australian standard tags, so I don’t think it would be legal to use on the road, but could perhaps be used in the man cave as a cool prop?

Oh buddy. Oh, buddy.

Credit where it’s due, it could definitely be used as a cool prop for *something*. Just maybe not the wholesome suburban man cave or garage that’s being envisaged here.

The listing is still active if any of you are keen to swoop on a bargain – Matt’s apparently happy take offers on the item listed as being “used” – but here’s a solid lesson for all of you: Wealth and riches are sometimes never far away. It’s just that your optimum audience might be a little different to what you were expecting.

Vale, Matt’s Grandad. A life well lived, by all accounts.

Image: Gumtree