Groupon Apologises For Boots Being Sold With A Racial Slur

Fans of racism and saving money are sure to be disappointed after online coupon/sale site Groupon deleted an ad for suede shoes on their website which were being advertised as being available in the colour “N**** brown”.

The more astute – read, not racist – shoppers who spotted the ads complained online, which is completely understandable considering that description is a racial slur with a history entrenched with violence and discrimination, not a colour.

It appears that Twitter user Dana Trimboli was the first to notice the slur on item, “Women’s Fringe Suede Moccasin Boots.” Many more users also noticed the description across several shoe descriptions sold by companies Kojwa and Margines, who use Groupon.

Many users have already called for a Groupon boycott.

In their response to the tweets, a Groupon spokesperson stressed that Kojwa and Margines are separate entities who merely use their site. They insist that they have checkpoints to prevent these sorts of words arriving on the site, and are currently working out why these ones slipped through.

Speaking to, Groupon VP of global communications Bill Roberts said he was “appalled” by the language, which he considers “completely unacceptable and violates our policies”.
We wish we could say this was a stand-alone case, but this sort of thing just keeps happening. Earlier this year, Swedish clothing H&M lost The Weeknd as a spokesperson over a racially-insensitive jumper, and Amazon had an issue when algorithm generated slogans created a “Slavery Gets Things Done” shirt for sale. Hell, it’s not even the first controversy this week – the whole thing comes a day after Heineken pulled an ad which Chance The Rapper insinuated was deliberately racist, as if to gain media attention towards the brand.
Image credit: Groupon