I saw the Ron Howard-directed live-action feature The Grinch at the cinema as a 10-year-old at another kid’s birthday party and my strongest recollection of it was trying very much to convey to the other kids that it didn’t scare the piss out of me. I’m not going to lie to you: it did scare the piss out of me. Every Who in Whoville looked fucked-up beyond belief. Their chaotic, haphazard lifestyles and the incomprehensible Lovecraftian architecture of their ridiculous city were the icing on the cake composed of a horrifying performance by Jim Carrey, who was transformed into some Krampus-esque holiday beast by the best prosthetics money can buy.

The Grinch, a furry green bastard largely characterised by his hatred of the Whos and also Christmas, was designed to be creepy and gross, but Ron Howard really pushed the limits of just how menacing you would want to make the main character of your film for children. Were children ready for a horny, glass-eating sociopath who makes jokes they will never understand because the references are exclusively targeted towards adults? I certainly wasn’t.

My point here is: That Grinch was fucked up. If you were to be surprised by some sort of creature hiding behind you in a bush, the Grinch is pretty much one of the worst things you could hope to see there. In this, I am in absolute agreement with the children of New Jersey make-up artist Ashley Bohl, who were captured in high-definition slow-motion footage having the absolute shit scared out of them by a surprise Grinch.

“My kids couldn’t wait to meet the grinch this weekend! I’d say it went well,” Bohl wrote on Instagram. You are not bloody wrong lady.

Image: Instagram