Grill’d Are Fangin’ Free Burgs In October To Help Stamp Out Family Violence

Grill’d released their low-carb burgers back in 2014, but there’s now another reason to feel zero guilt when chowing down one of their god-sent burgers.

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pls get inside me
They’ve just announced a new partnership with the legends at Aussie not-for-profit org YGAP – all in an effort to support their Polished Man campaign to end violence against children.
You’ve probably heard of the Polished Man campaign before – in previous years, good sorts like Jobe Watson, Chris JuddGyton Grantley and Lehmo have all painted a fingernail to show their support. 
A shocking 1 in 5 kids experience violence before they reach age 18 – that’s a statistic both Grill’d and YGAP desperately want to change.

“It all starts with painting a fingernail. That nail leads to a conversation. That conversation inspires a donation. That donation allows for prevention and protection,” the Grill’d website reads.
In short – if you sign up to the campaign, you can mosey on down to your local Grill’d and pick up a free burger any (or every!) day from October 4th – 12th
No typo there. Free burgers. No charge. 
The only “condition” is that you paint at least one of your fingernails to show your support. A small, glitzy price to pay to cop a free Bird and Brie to the face erryday for 9 consecutive days, really. 
“You can’t open the newspaper without seeing a story about our most vulnerable being affected by violence, and when it comes to kids, we need to encourage and empower men to unite and lead by example to create safe and happy environments for our kids to grow up in,” says Grill’d founder, Simon Crowe. Too right.
Go on, get around it. 

Photo: @grilld / instagram.