Gretel Killeen Dropped A Fuck Bomb Live On ‘Sunrise’ & Kochie’s Brain Broke

Morning breakfast TV: confusing, baffling, often inexplicably insane, but above all else the absolutely vital controlled car-crash we simply cannot find a way to live without. Occasionally, though, it gifts us a precious gem worthy of preservation in the national archives. Like this clip from this morning’s Sunrise broadcast in which Gretel Killeen wantonly drops a fuck bomb on live TV.

Killeen joined the panel near the end of this morning’s broadcast, at a time when most of you were either making the final approach to the office/school building/worksite or… y’know… still in bed.

Speaking on a story involving a very pissed and unruly passenger on board a budget flight from the Gold Coast to Singapore, Killeen was in the middle of pointing out the fact that plenty of people have managed to get pissed on or before a flight without trying to bash half the cabin when, well… this happened:

A perfect moment of live Australian television, that. Simply spectacular stuff. From Killeen’s knee-jerk shock, to her fellow panellists stifled amusement, to Kochie‘s pitch perfect mugging to camera.

Look at the eyes there. Kochie’s brain is overloaded with so many potential snappy responses that he’s simply frozen solid, unable to speak. His brain has had to do a quick hard reset on itself. He has absolutely doubled over at the sheer comedic potential of it all.

For what it’s worth, producers at Sunrise have used the slip up to champion just how live the show is, and how it operates without the much-vaunted seven-second delay other broadcasts employ.

Still, Gretel Killeen dropped a raw “fuck” on live Australian TV this morning. And I think that’s great.