Aussie YouTubers Have Successfully Shipped Greta Thunberg Across The Ocean

A wobbly and presumably tired Greta Thunberg has arrived in Lisbon, Portugal, after teaming up with a pair of Australian YouTubers to sail across the Atlantic ocean.

Taking to Instagram this morning, the teen climate activist told her loyal following that her three-week journey has come to an end.

Out: the blurry pics she posted while out at sea. In: delightful snapshots from one of the prettiest cities in the Iberian peninsula.

In case you missed it, Thunberg was meant to attend the United Nations’s landmark COP25 climate conference in Santiago, Chile, but civil unrest forced the meeting’s relocation to Madrid, Spain.

That was a bummer for Thunberg, who sailed from the UK to the US with the goal of speaking at the event. Thunberg, who avoids air travel due to its carbon emissions, needed a similar ride back across the ocean.

Enter Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu, the Aussie yacht influencers who just so happened to have a catamaran available for use.

The pair teed up with Thunberg in the US and hoofed it back across the Atlantic, which seems like a very nice thing to do – and a pretty bulletproof way to gain some promo for their channel.

Thunberg, who missed the start of the COP25 conference by a day, is still expected to address attendees in the not-too-distant future. Once she loses her sea legs, that is.

Outside of her presence, COP25 will see nations lock down elements of the 2015 Paris Agreement, establishing a clearer pathway for emission reduction in the years to come.

While Whitelum and Carausu are yet to upload a vlog detailing their adventures with Thunberg, we’ll let you know when it happens.