Yesterday, Greens Senator Larissa Waters made history – again – by passing a motion in the Senate while breastfeeding her 14-week-old baby girl like it was NBD.

Last month, she made history by being the first woman in Australia to breastfeed in Federal Parliament, an important step forward for gender equality that proved a woman’s career needn’t be sidelined by, y’know, ensuring the survival of humankind.

Alia makes history! First baby breastfeed in the federal Parliament. We need more women in this joint!

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Her casual no fucks given display of carrying on with her job while being a new mum has been praised across the board, but unfortunately, some members of society still see breastfeeding as this icky thing that should only be done behind closed doors (lol, shut up).

Waters posted a screenshot of an abusive message she received after her very-normal-day-in-parliament-except-that-she-didn’t-act-how-women-with-small-babies-are-‘supposed’-to-act, which called her “a dumb bitch with the big tits” that basically threatened this was the end of her political career.

Of course, all politicians are and should be subject to criticism – it’s part of living in an open democracy, after all – but anyone who reckons this type of abuse falls under that banner of acceptable criticism can go fuck themselves.


Photo: Larissa Waters / Instagram.