Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi has name-and-shamed all the Liberal-National Coalition members who got uni for free, subsequently exposing the hypocrisy of today’s HECS hike announcement.

“I want you to meet the Liberal-National Coalition members who were at uni while it was FREE,” Faruqi tweeted, followed by a thread of all the Libs who had the luxury of attending uni without having to worry about the impending likelihood of $45k in debt.

Faruqi, a dedicated queen, also came through with the receipts, encouraging us to clog all their phone lines and let ’em know what we think.

In case you missed it, it’s been revealed that humanities and communications degree fees are set to more than double as part of a new Federal Government plan to push students into different sectors. “A cheaper degree in an area where there’s a job is a win-win for students,” Education Minister Dan Tehan said in a draft version of his speech.

Faruqi spoke with PEDESTRIAN.TV about the “outrageous” news.

“Free uni changed the lives of so many people in this country,” the senator stated. ” It’s outrageous that the MPs who benefitted would kick away the ladder from beneath them, and not only deny young Australians fee-free uni and TAFE, but actively make higher education much more expensive.”

“Young people are being cheated out of their future. It’s time to call the government out on its wild hypocrisy and shameless austerity agenda.”

Image: Getty Images / Stef5063