Greens’ Nick McKim Just Downright Called Peter Dutton A Racist & A Fascist

Righto so Greens Senator for TasmaniaNick McKim has torn Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton a new one after accusing him of being a racist and a fascist on Sky News Australia today.

This is the latest (and certainly not the last) addition to the whole Dutton and white South African farmers talk.

McKim appeared on Sky News on Thursday to discuss Dutton, who earlier today, told 2GB Radio how “dead” the ABC, The Guardian, and The Huffington Post are to him.

To be more specific, Dutton said,

“There’s lots of outrage. Some of the crazy lefties at the ABC and on The Guardian, Huffington Post, express concern and draw mean cartoons about me and all the rest of it.

“They don’t realise how completely dead they are to me. So we just get on with making the decisions that we need to.”

This may sound like House of Cards but nah, it’s just another day in Aussie politics.

Fast forward a couple of hours and McKim hit back, presumably on behalf of “crazy lefties”. 

McKim believes Dutton “has exhibited racism right through his public career” and “absolutely” believes he’s a racist.

“He boycotted the apology to the Stolen Generations, he walked out of the house of assembly in a huff just before that apology was given. His regime in terms of Manus Island and Nauru is clearly race-based and he’s also exhibited some of the things that we know, through human history, are associated with fascists. And for example, setting up an enemy to try and scare the Australian people, he’s done that with Muslim people and then seeking to undermine the rule of law on that basis. I mean it’s fascism 101 that we’re seeing from Peter Dutton.”

You can watch the snippet below.

Of course, Sky News reporter Samantha Maiden had a giggle and somewhere in the studio Andrew Bolt was aggressively writing his next column.

At the beginning of the interview Maiden asks McKim, “Do you seriously think it’s reasonable to suggests the Liberal Party still has a White Australia Policy?” to which McKim doesn’t even hesitate when answering “absolutely”.

“It’s naked and transparent and it’s out in the open and I mean basically we’ve got Peter Dutton who’s regurgitating speaking points from Neo-Nazis or fundamentalist white nationalists websites around the world who are now out there bragging that they’ve captured Peter Dutton and very happy that he’s repeating the speaking points that they’ve been putting on their website.”

McKim’s office told Buzzfeed News these websites include Daily Stormer and The Dingoes. Both websites have previously praised Dutton for his comments on the white South African farmers.

Tomorrow: Dutton will probably say McKim is dead to him too.