Gratuitous Brag Post: We Made The BRW Fast 100 List

Hey everyone, look at us for a second. Last night Pedestrian secured a place on the BRW Fast 100 list. No one likes a Boastful Barry, but we feel obliged to make a Gratuitous Bragging Post because we here at Pedestrian don’t really get that much authoritative recognition from the powers that be. Except that other time we were nominated for a totally important award.

‘Fast’ means we’ve been recognised as one of the fastest growing companies in Australia (over the past 4 financial years) – not bad for an online publishing company with a total staff of 15! This is the moment when I should mention my bosses, the guys who have run this ship from the date of conception, Oscar Martin and Chris Wirasinha. Great work you two ambitious, successful youngsters! We look forward to our Christmas bonuses.

The biggest thanks goes out to you guys, our friends and readers, without whom we wouldn’t be included on any lists except maybe ‘Top 100 Sad Poor Jerks’. I’ll leave you with an Instagram picture of Chris (left) and Oscar (right) getting down with Pedestrian’s first non ping pong-related framed certificate of merit: