Grant Denyer Made A Sex Tape & He Has No Idea Where It Is

Ironic process theory describes a phenomenon where active attempts to suppress thoughts about something do the very opposite, bringing those thoughts even more to mind. For instance, if you try to stop yourself from picturing, say, a pink elephant, you will likely end up picturing a pink elephant. I’m saying this because when I say that I hope this doesn’t make you picture Grant Denyer having sex, I realise this might be a futile exercise.

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Speaking on 2Day FM‘s breakfast show in a discussion an NRL sex tape scandal involving two Penrith Panthers players, Denyer told his co-hosts Ash London and Ed Kavalee that he himself had recorded a sex tape and currently has no idea where it is.

Denyer said that he filmed it himself way back in 1994, when he was a sprightly young 18 year old. “There is one out there. I don’t know where it is, I don’t know who’s got it,” he said. “I had just turned 18, and I had an older girlfriend, and I didn’t have a camera.

I borrowed a Sony Handycam from the media department at high school.

He was apparently pretty happy with the experience: “It felt naughty, it felt a bit spicy and we were comfortable with each other.

The catch is that, according to Denyer, he has no recollection of ever erasing the footage before returning the camera to the school: “What scares me about that being out there is that somewhere someone’s got it or seen it, and I’m worried.

It’s been my fear my whole life that it could one day come out and ruin my career.

Luckily, that footage has yet to surface, and we can only hope that whatever unsuspecting person got the camera after him just erased whatever was there in a blind, confused panic.