AOTY And All-Round Legend Grace Tame Announced Her Engagement With A Resounding ‘Oath Yes!’

Grace Tame, 2021’s Australian of the Year and queen of holding the Morrison government to account has announced her engagement. Honestly, we couldn’t be happier for her.

She shared pics of her and her long-term bf (and now fiancé!) Max Heerey via Instagram and Twitter. According to the pics, he proposed while they were on a bike ride, which is genuinely just so fucking cute.

Grace Tame also shared a pic of the ring which — and I say this as someone with little-to-no jewellery knowledge — is absolutely stunning.

According to her Insta post, it was designed by a company called Tender Scars. It’s a very beautiful blue sapphire, which is an extremely cool choice.

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Down with the expectation that engagement rings should be diamonds! Fun gemstone supremacy!

She captioned the engagement pics with “I said, “OATH, YES!!!”, which I very much enjoy.

In a follow up Tweet she wrote “we’ll wear helmets at the wedding too don’t worry”. Now that would be a truly iconic look. Bike helmet and a wedding dress? That, my friends, is camp.

Obviously, a load of people have popped up to give the couple a hearty congrats, including Labour leader Anthony Alabanese.

He Tweeted, “congratulations to you both” with a heart and some clinking champagne glasses: both excellent emoji choices. 

Senator Penny Wong also chimed in, writing “congratulations to the two of you!” on Grace’s Insta post.

Tame and Heerey are both directors of the Grace Tame Foundation, which she launched back in December of 2021. The Foundation is a not-for-profit which aims to support survivors of sexual abuse.

Grace Tame’s step-dad Ron Plaschke is the Foundation’s third director, while Heerey is also the chief operating officer and Tame is the executive director.

Heerey and Tame met two weeks before she was named Tasmanian of the Year for her work with the #LetHerSpeak campaign. Her work ultimately led to Tasmania’s gag laws for victims of sexual assault being reformed.

She was then named Australian of the Year back in January of 2021.

At the time, the Australian of the Year award panel said: “Grace has demonstrated extraordinary courage – using her voice to push for legal reform and raise public awareness about the impacts of sexual violence.”

In her Insta post announcing the engagement, Tame wrote to Heerey: “love you forever and ever angel man”.

Grace Tame hasn’t yet announced whether she’ll be doing another shoey from a moonboot to celebrate the wedding, but we can only hope.