Punters, take note: the Federal Government wants to nix an admittedly crafty loophole available on some betting apps, allowing you to bet on matches while they’re in play. 

If you’re out of the loop on this one, it’s very much illegal for companies to offer odds online during the passage of play. The reasoning behind that ban? To curtail those with gambling issues from making split-second decisions to lay out mad stacks.

Gov’t Slams Door Shut On Gambling Loophole That Let You Bet Mid-Game

However, it is legal to place those bets via phone or in person, and some apps have incorporated a sneaky ‘click-to-call’ function. That means you’ve been able to smash a button on your app in lieu of, you know, using your phone to place the same call – a process which may entail a fraction more contemplation.

While the Feds will be drawing up legislation to nuke those features, Human Services Minister Alan Tudge wants ’em gone, presto. He said he hopes they “would cease doing this today, because we have clearly indicated that we believe that they’re operating against, certainly, the intent of the law, if not the actual law.”

“The online environment has the potential for people to get themselves into serious trouble.”

Also, the ban will remove another avenue for those funds to end up in the hands of unlicensed and untaxed offshore operators. The move comes after the release of a review into online gambling, which also suggested bookies’ apps have a mandatory option for punters to select bet limits. 

Some companies have already implemented similar features, which allow users to self-exclude for periods of time, and it looks like even more provisions are on the way with problem gamblers in mind. 

Source: ABC / Sydney Morning Herald. 

If you reckon gambling might be a problem for you or a mate, check out the Gambling Help Online for more information, or give the hotline a buzz on 1800 858 858.