Look, plenty of ridiculous things get government funding. Contemporary dance, impenetrable performance poetry, overseas tours for musicians who should not be trusted with lump sums, politicians’ travel allowances – the full ridiculous gamut. But we’re okay with that, right? Giving people money to do the stuff they love, and to contribute to culture, is what makes us a progressive society. 
But even if you’re a bleeding heart pinko lefty who wants to save the whales and teach interpretive pottery in kindergarten, you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. 
That somewhere is UFO groups. 
sorry ’bout it
Minister for Social Services Christian Porter seems to think so as well, having launched an investigation into how, exactly, the Tuggerah Lakes UFO Group has received federal funding in excess of $5000 over the last four years in order to “do their important work“. 
When a spokesperson for the Tuggerah Lakes UFO Group was asked what exactly they used the cash for, she said:
“We have elderly people we pick up and take to meetings, where we need projectors and microphones so everyone can see and hear what’s going on.

“We also have outings out at night checking for unusual activity.”

According to the Department of Social Services website, “the funding will help volunteers to do their important work.

“By sharing their experiences and knowledge within the community, the volunteers foster social inclusion and enrich the local region.”
Look, props to whoever wrote that grant application – convincing someone to give you several grand in order to drive a bunch of space-mad nans around while listening for alien walky-talky signals is no mean feat. 
I reckon the government’s got two options here. They can withdraw future funding for the Geriatric League of Extra-Terrestrial Enthusiasts, or they can lean into it and start funding some proper SETI set-ups, helmed by the friendly weirdos of Tuggerah Lakes
You know what – I take it back. UFO groups should get all the federal funding. The sooner we can hitch a ride off this rapidly combusting rock with those District 9 aliens, the better. 
take me with you, Christopher!!!!
Source: Daily Telegraph.
Image: Ancient Aliens.