We told you your days of downloading/streaming Game of Thrones were numbered, didn’t we?

The Abbott government today, with bipartisan support, passed a law which will ban torrenting and streaming websites. 

It has been said that websites such as Kickass Torrents, The Pirate Bay, and Project Free TV, will more than likely be banned. However, according to Newscorp, the power to block offending websites will only apply to those operated outside of Australia. 

Similar laws have existed in the UK since 2011, and are commonly regarded as reasonably unsuccessful in their goal. This is because, as soon as a site is blocked, multiple other mirror sites pop up. Once those mirror sites are blocked, more have already been created; the government simply cannot keep up. The UK also blocked proxy sites, which could likely be in Australia’s not-so-distant future, too.

The Australian law passed in the Senate today 37-13. It was opposed by The Greens, David Leyonhjelm, Glenn Lazarus and Ricky Muir.

via Newscorp