Good news, pranksters!

On the annual foolingest day of the year, search giant Google launched a temporary little feature that enabled you to get at all your cloud-stored photos without having to deal with the pesky burden of the alphabet.

Emoji Search allowed you to sift through all your precious memories using naught but a tiny pictorial representation of that thing you wanted to see.

It was a glorious handful of hours, filled with 100s and dogs and such. And then, in an instant, it was gone. Just like that.

But, much like any table worth its salt, the prank had legs.

Thus, the powers that be have decided to implement emoji search full-time into the Google Photos app, meaning you’ll now be able to sift through all your photos with a single, simple press of the key.

Want to check out all the selfies you’ve taken with your kitteh? Smash that cat emoji.

Keen to revisit that one glorious Mexican fiesta? Give that taco emoji a burl.

Forgotten how devastatingly badass you look rocking wayfarers? The ole cool dude sunglasses guy emoji will get you there.

Hell, if you want to chuck a TBT to that one really good butt day you had, the peach emoji might be able to get you where you need to go.

Just… just maybe avoid searching the eggplant emoji. That stone might be best left unturned.

That said if you’re a fucking filth wizard for aubergines then knock yourself out. More power to you.

The new feature is available through the Google Photos app on iOS and Android.

Source: Google.