Google‘s autocomplete function – the tool designed to save precious milliseconds of typing time from your daily Google searches, but which has also inadvertently given us a way to examine the Internet’s collective psyche by comparing your search to the most popular and frequent – has been used in a powerful ad campaign to promote sexual equality.
UN Women (the United Nations Entity For Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women) has used real Google autocomplete results (the fine print on each ad reads “actual Google search on 09/03/13”) as the basis for a series of images pointing out how prevalent sexism is in the real, Google-using world. The searches for what women should, shouldn’t, need to and cannot do are autocompleted with some pretty troubling results, and appear to be pasted over the mouths of the women appearing in the ads.
While not featured in the ads, the male counterpart for each of these searches tells a very different story, and the ads work incredibly well to illustrate that sexism and sexual discrimination is a real, modern problem that is spread across the world, and promote sexual equality without resorting to man-hating or laughably ineffectual “girl power” prosthelytizing.

Via Adweek