Google Apologises For Trying To Erase Aussie LGBTI Bars From Maps

In the past few days, Google‘s had a slight actually rather large, really quite awful, ‘whoopsie-daisy’. 

Social media ’twas not happy with the search engine giant after they refused to update details for Sydney gay bar, The Shift Bar & Club – and instead said they would be removing their Google Maps listing, instead. 
When the promotor of the club, Ash Doran, asked why, the Google representative explained that the company ‘did no longer support gay bars’, and would be removing all listings for gay bars from Google Maps, including theirs. As one tends to do these days when one is enraged beyond all doubt, Doran posted the account to Facebook
Cue the grisly sounds of the internet ~ losing its absolute shit ~
Thankfully, Google apologised in a statement earlier today, and explained there had been some kind of internal confusion, possibly a rogue employee who didn’t quite feel the same as the company’s policies. A spokesperson said, 

“We’re truly sorry that this happened. Gay bars are welcome on Google Maps, as they have always been. We’re taking immediate action internally to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”  

Thank fuck, because considering Google has previously been a sponsor of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, we were pretty bloody confused, tbh. 
via SBS