Stop What You’re Doing & Let Me Tell You About The Backyard Goldfish Mystery Captivating X Users


An English cardiologist has gone viral after rescuing a goldfish he found in his backyard and honestly, I need you all to stop what you’re doing and join me on this absolute rollercoaster of a story.

Ben Beska, a junior doctor from Newcastle, took to X (formerly Twitter) over the weekend to share a play-by-play of the unlikely story.

“So today I found a goldfish just on the grass in my back garden. It was alive, I think, and have absolutely no idea where it came from. There’s no ponds anywhere near. So I took it inside,” the thread began.

alice goldfish
Oh my god. (Image: Ben Beska / X)

Beska, who woke up that morning blissfully unaware he would become the proud new owner of a goldfish, did the best he could — putting the fish in an old freezer drawer while he found a more suitable home.

“It was alive! Although not very happy in an old freezer drawer,” he said, sharing a video of the fish in the drawer (which was not in a freezer, obviously).

The fish didn’t stay in the freezer drawer for very long before Beska upgraded to a tank.

“Much happier in an actual and hastily bought tank,” he wrote. “Anyway I have a fish now.”

Despite the fact that this man saved a fish from certain death and ended up with a pet against his will, the internet’s fish community were obviously quick to grill him for apparently not doing it right. Note to self: don’t engage with fish twitter.

“A tank needs time to cycle properly in order to process fish waste. You can buy bacteria to help speed up the process but in the mean time make sure you do very frequent water changes with properly treated water in order to keep it alive,” one user wrote.

alice the goldfish
Alice (Image: Ben Beska / X)

Beska quickly replied that “unfortunately the fish was dead and was actually just lying in my back garden so it’s current situation in a non-cycled tank is pure unadulterated luxury.”

Other users took to his replies to note that this goldfish could actually be a whole ass koi fish — which means Beska will very quickly need a bigger tank to support his new friend.

“That’s not a goldfish thats a koi fish you need a bigger tank or a pond or it won’t grow any larger,” one user wrote.

Beska ended up naming the lucky fish “Alice” after a text message he sent to a friend autocorrected “it’s alive” to “it’s alice”.

goldfish text thread
Ben’s text thread. (Image: Ben Beska / X)

Alice has since met Ben’s cat, Willow, and has been given all of the chemicals needed to live a healthy life in her new tank — so fish twitter can probably leave Ben alone now.

As for how Alice ended up in Beska’s backyard, the most likely explanation is that a bird picked her up and subsequently dropped her — which means this lucky fish avoided certain death twice.

Rogue backyard fish aren’t as rare as you’d think, I actually found one in my own yard recently but sadly he wasn’t as lucky as Alice, if you know what I mean.

Somebody has already made a Twitter account for Alice, with hit tweets such as “god I luv marina (and the diamonds)” and “my landlord is a cardiologist that’s why he’s stolen my heart”.

goldfish tweet
She’s an influencer. (Image: Alice Beska / X)