Goldberg From ‘The Mighty Ducks’ Got Arrested & He Ah… Does Not Look Good

Shaun Weiss, who most of you will no doubt remember as Goldberg the goalie from the virtually untouchable Mighty Ducks series of Disney movies, was arrested this past weekend in northern California. And the accompanying mugshot makes for some seriously distressing viewing.

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Weiss, who is now 38, was arrested at around 1am on Saturday morning in Oroville, which is about an hour north of the Californian state capital of Sacramento. Police in the area picked him up on a charge of public intoxication after he was found “behaving erratically” with a flashlight. Police say he was doing things like “shining a light in his own face” and they suspected he may have been high. US police, hey. Incredible group.

Cops let him sleep it off for a few hours in the tank before cutting him loose without formally citing him, which is standard procedure on most public intoxication arrests in California.

Despite this, his mugshot was still published on the Oroville Police Department’s website – in keeping with the fairly standard but still fundamentally odd US custom – and TMZ subsequently picked up the story.

The photo shows a drastically different-looking Weiss to the child actor most of you are familiar with.

Image: Oroville Police Department


Almost a year ago to the day, Weiss was arrested for possession of meth in Los Angeles; an arrest that came just five days after he was released from jail after serving a sentence for stealing USD$151 worth of merchandise from an electronics store.

A US court initially sentenced him to 150 days in jail for that crime, but he wound up being released after just 12 days due to prison overcrowding, which is a horribly depressing sentence.

Shaun’s career was dotted with notable roles as a child, including the aforementioned Mighty Ducks films, as well as Heavyweights, and Freaks & Geeks. However his last film credit came in 2008 as a bus diver in the Owen Wilson vehicle Drillbit Taylor.

Here’s hoping he gets the help that he needs.