Irish Town Overrun By Feral Goats Seeks Solution To The Very Horny Crisis

Residents of a town in western Ireland are gravely concerned for the safety of motorists due to the rapid expansion of a local herd of wild goats. Read: the horny buggers are having so many offspring that they’re becoming a legitimate traffic hazard.

The Independent reports councillors in Ennis, County Clare, are searching for solutions to the crisis, which has seen the goats “procreating like there is no tomorrow” and causing all kinds of chaos.

In addition to the 20-odd animals wandering across major thoroughfares, Mayor Tom McNamara said they’re now “getting up on top of cars and going around businesses at night time.”

Two of them were even electrocuted after they ambled into an electricity sub-station.

There’s no desire among locals to, you know, kill the goats, which generally reside in a patch of bushland on the west side of town. Instead, Eamon O’Dea, of the Clare County Council, said they’ll contact animal welfare groups to discuss their relocation to somewhere they can’t cause any mischief.

Failing that, mass castration is an option. Councillor Mary Howard said “people don’t want them culled but they want the herd reduced if that can happen.”

In the meantime, wild animals signs will be erected to alert motorists of the potential hazard presented by those loveable and horny beasts.