Go To Vancouver, Get Yourself A Marijuana-Infused Pizza

Pizza and pot. Like a Redhead that lights up the first time you strike it, it’s a good match. But for too long the pair have been separate activities, kept at odds by the logistical technicalities of… y’know… the law. But with increasing number of places decriminalising marijuana, the doors have been opening for innovation. And what better place for that innovation to happen than in that wonderful, snowy, hockey-mad delight that is Canada? In Vancouver, a pizza restaurant has begun offering customers who have a medical marijuana card pot-infused pizza. Meaning for a nominal extra fee of $10, they will drizzle cannabis-infused oil on your pizza. Then they will bake it. And after that they’ll cook the pizza.

At Vancouver pizza joint Mega iLL, the ingredient has turned into their signature. The marijuana is infused through an oil extraction process and is then drizzled over the pizza. “It medicates you while you eat it,” restaurant employee Anthony Risling told CBC News, “It’s a little different effect from smoking it. It takes maybe about a half hour for it to activate.” In that regard, the restaurant is at the cutting edge of medical technology, delivering treatment to patients stricken with the horrible afflictions that warrant a medical marijuana card, whilst simultaneously spreading true joy and happiness through the majesty of pizza. Truly, they are living saints.
The future of the dish is in some jeopardy, however. New laws in Canada threaten to remove access to marijuana as a medicinal aid. The laws were scheduled to take effect on April 1st, but court injunctions are, for the time being, preventing the full impact of the legislation from coming to pass for the time being.
Until then, you can either skip on over to Vancouver and enjoy some pizza Xzibit-style (“Bake while you bake”) or patiently wait out the days until similar laws are in place here, and you’ll no longer have to know some weedy dude who slings ‘zas for a crust so you can call up at bang-on 4:20pm and ask him for the “Seth Rogen special”.
Photo: AFP via Getty Images.