Go To A Post Box & Mail Off Your Marriage Equality Vote Immediately, Cheers

Haven’t posted off your marriage equality vote yet? It’s ok, we’re not here to judge you. But you absolutely need to do it today. Not tomorrow, today. By 5pm. Go. Go go go.

Yes, this means you, person who put it on the mantlepiece and insisted you’d get to it in a bit, but then it got buried under a pile of bills you didn’t want to deal with and you kinda forgot about it for a few weeks because you were smashing your way through The Good Place on Netflix. Get the vote, tick YES, and take it to a post office straight away.

You too, legend who was in the middle of moving house at the time it arrived in the mail so you just kinda shoved it into a “misc” box only for it to totally slip your mind after 7 hours of lugging heavy ass furniture into your fancy new apartment which is up six flights of stairs with no elevator. Rub some Deep Heat on your aching bones, grab the vote out from underneath that dodgy sunhat you should’ve thrown out, and post the shit out of it.

Absolutely you as well, champion who’s been putting it off because the nearest post box is a bit of a hike away and, bless your heart, you’ve just had a fair bit on lately. Chuck on yr good walking shoes, slug some headphones into yr ears, crank that new Mutoid Man record up to ear-bursting volumes, and go smash that vote into the mail slot. It’s a bloody beautiful day out there.

Today is officially the last day to send off your Marriage Equality postal votes. Mailing them today means they will arrive at the Bureau of Statistics in time to be counted, before the cutoff date of November 7th.

There are no better things to do today other than this. This is your number one priority.

Mates, post your votes.

That vote you’re still holding onto? Post it.

Still rocking a postal vote there, champ? Go to post.

Your marriage equality survey form? Immediately post.

Come on, pals. Let’s bloody get it done. Go hug a mail box immediately.