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As the lockouts continue to punch Sydney’s nightlife in the face, at least its residents are benefiting from the proliferation of finger-lickin’ new food joints.

The most recent addition is American-style burger palace Burgers Anonymous, on lower Oxford Street, where the burgs are back-to-basics and the theme takes its cues from Breaking Bad.

“Drugs are addictive and so are burgers so it works well together,” co-owner Denis Tang, a long-time fan of the show (join the club m8), tells P.TV.

You’ll find beakers on the shelves (just for deco), hazmat suits + masks hanging off the all-black walls and a giant mural of Walter White – by local artist Cristian Silva  chowing down on a burger. 

Slowly coming together.. #burgersanonymous #burger #sydney #breakingbad #heisenberg #walterwhite

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In keeping with the theme is the house specialty, The Heisenburger, which is BS’ basic beef burger topped with double cheese and “crack-bacon”, aka double-smoked, triple-glazed bacon.

When we say ‘basic’, don’t think we’re implying any sort of scrimp on taste – Denis and his co-owner John Le mince their own beef patties using a top secret Hunter Valley Premium Meats blend that’s tender and juicy and just… *wipes drool off chin*.

What we mean is that the burgers aren’t topped with mini-burgers, or filled with onion rings and every fkn chutney you can think of – they’re just good ol’ tomato, onion, pickles and American cheese, or “honest burgers” as Denis calls them.

“It’s just the burger – no gimmicks, not too loaded with extras – just delicious Shake Shack-style burgers that are really tasty,” says Denis. 

Sides-wise, we’re talking fried pickles, loaded fries topped with BA’s sauce and bacon, and plain fries too – but there are plans to expand.

“We’re thinking about milkshakes at the moment, and I’ve also got a deep-fried peanut-butter-jelly sandwich in the works… but I’m not sure Australia’s ready for it!”


Find Burgers Anonymous at 80 Oxford St; facebook.com/burgersanonymous.

Photo: Instagram.