“Glory Holes” – Tru$t Fun! and Kris Moyes

Glory Holes usually involve desperate men and anonymous fellatio but when Pedestrian favourites Kris Moyes and Trust Fun (Jonathan Zawada, Shane Sakkeus and Annie Wright-Zawada) are involved the experience will be far more rewarding (intellectually at least) and far less sordid than a sleazy late night dalliance in The Cross.

The joint exhibition takes place at Monster Children galleries starting from tomorrow and seeks to bridge the gap between art and commerce, or as they explain:

“Glory Holes aims to explore the ideas of the animal, the vegetable and the mineral from a cosmic, mystical and aesthetic angle – all with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Through our respective commercial careers TRU$T FUN! and Kris Moyes have created many things that have been considered ‘not quite design’ while also ‘not quite art’ Glory Holes attempts to find an avenue and an outlet for these ideas and explorations. Many of the pieces in the exhibition have their origins in the concept stages of album covers, tour posters, music videos and marketing ideas that were later rejected by clients as either ‘too weird’, ‘too difficult’ or ‘too confusing’. The deeper concepts and research that underpin much of our commercial work are rarely, if ever, brought to the surface in the environment of the marketplace and with Glory Holes we aim to drag the audience to meet us half way down.”

To get you in the mood here’s some Fashematics (fashion + mathematics) courtesy of the Trust Fun crew. Anything which manages to reference Dragon Ball Z, Christian Dior and 16th Century French Mimes in the same image deserves serious kudos.

Wed 22 April 2009
Posted By Joseph Allen
Monster Children Gallery Presents “Glory Holes”
An Exhibition by Trust Fun & Kris Moyes

Opening night: THURSDAY 23RD APRIL 6.00PM
Exhibition continues from 24TH APRIL – 9TH MAY, 2009.