Feel Free to Look Directly Into These Glorious Pics Of Today’s Eclipse

Now we’ve gotten the really important intel off the table – i.e. whether or not Donald Trump thought it would be a good idea to stare directly into it – we bring you what you really came here for: glorious photos of the eclipse in action.

As everyone who has ever laid their fingers on a smartphone knows, taking photos of celestial bodies is not an easy task. Even the most epic and incredible light show in the heavens is rendered as a couple of blown out pixels in any photo, sure to humiliate you when you whip out your phone during a low ebb in a date and say “Phwoar, the moon was pretty bloody big last night aye?”

Nonetheless, America still got some pretty dece snaps of their first total solar eclipse in a century. The professionally taken ones for news agencies are obviously the best ones, and they look good as hell:

But the punters got some good snaps too – social was packed with ’em.

Also, some of them absolutely sucked. You tried, mate. Stick to your day job.