Gladys Berejiklian’s Dua Lipa Ringtone Is Either A Prophetic Omen Or A Lame Media Stunt

State premiers have been giving daily coronavirus press conferences since god-knows-when, and they’re starting to feel a bit repetitive.

But at NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s Saturday press conference, her phone went off and it was a very brief moment of joy for Dua Lipa stans around the state.

Her ringtone? Don’t Start Now. It’s hard to think of a better song for the coronavirus lockdown regulations than one which literally says “don’t show up, don’t come out”.

The hiccup shows that no matter how much someone wants to destroy Sydney’s live music and nightlife scenes, nobody can resist Dua’s infectious bops.

Of course, it does seem like a very convenient stunt during a time like this. How often do people even change their ringtones, let alone ones which are pop songs? It’s not 2007 anymore.

How convenient that the phone rang at the beginning of the press conference without actually interrupting anything.

How convenient that the Premier had her hand in her pocket before the noise was even audible, and before she said “I can hear someone’s radio music”.

How convenient that it was an iconic banger that’d be sure to get people’s attention at a time when the Premier is under immense scrutiny for the handling of the Ruby Princess cruise ship incident.


It’s impossible to know for sure if this was a legit and endearing blooper, or if it was a cunning media stunt that this writer has fallen into the very jaws of.  Either way, it happened, and it’s pretty entertaining.

Anyone who doesn’t have the default marimba ringtone is a cop.