Gladys Berejiklian Hinted The Border With Victoria Could Reopen Within ‘Weeks, Not Months’

After presiding over strict border controls for months, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has finally hinted that the border with Victoria could open within “weeks, not months” now that Melbourne’s second wave has well and truly been defeated.

That means Melburnians might be able to have a warm(er) Sydney summer, while Sydneysiders will be able to get a taste of actual (albeit COVIDSafe) nightlife once things fall into place.

“We’re not going to have that border remain in place a day longer than it needs to be because we know how many people are suffering as a consequence,” she said.

At the earliest, that could be as soon as November 13, two weeks after regional Victoria opens up to Melburnians again on November 9.

“Now that Victoria is down to zero or just a handful of community transmissions a day, that gives us pause to reflect on when that two-week period starts for us,” Berejiklian said.

“And of course, we’ll base that on health advice, but I certainly want to give the signal to the people of NSW we are talking weeks not months in terms of when the Victoria border may come down.”

Berejiklian spent the last few months being pretty adamant about not opening up to Victoria, all the while publicly pressuring Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to open up to metro Sydney.

But now that we’ve just had a National Donut Day (with Victoria often recording fewer cases on other days than NSW has been clocking) Berejiklian apparently had no choice but to speak up on the matter.

Berejiklian also added that while congratulating Palaszczuk on her recent reelection, she mentioned the border issue and said she’d be keen to restart discussions soon.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we moved more quickly against Victoria than Queensland did against us,” she added.

Flingers crossed none of this is political point-scoring, and we can actually, safely open up become Christmas.