NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is in hot water at the moment, with three Liberal MPs announcing their plans to move a spill motion against her over her handling of the controversial abortion legislation currently in parliament.

A lib spill? In Australia? Shocking. I’m lost for words.

Liberal MPs Tanya Davies, Matthew Mason-Cox MLC and Lou Amato MLC announced their plans to move a spill motion in a joint statement at about 8.30pm on Monday night as a result of rejected amendments to the bill.

Berejiklian, who has frankly shit stances on a number of issues including the issue of pill testing at NSW festivals, has finally done something good for the people of NSW with her perseverance with the abortion bill. She has put her personal beliefs aside and made her decisions in the best interest of the people of NSW, but it looks like her colleagues aren’t so fond of the idea.

“We have come to the conclusion that the right course of action is not to leave the Parliamentary Liberal Party but to hold the Premier to account for presiding over this shameful process,” the statement read.“We have also been alarmed by the Premier’s continued failure to address the impasse in the Legislative Council which has slowly ground the government’s legislative agenda to dust.

“This position is also untenable and must be urgently resolved for the good government of this state.”

The bill to decriminalise abortion in NSW was passed as a private members bill in the lower house last month after being the subject of much political debate. Berejiklian was among those who voted for the bill, much to the dismay of her party.

A spill will take place at 10am tomorrow morning, with members of the Liberal party casting votes in a secret ballot. Think of it as Survivor: AusPol Edition

If Berejiklian’s critics can gather the numbers in a spill on Tuesday, her leadership position could be in jeopardy. However, many MPs doubt that the spill will be able to gain the numbers needed to actually give Gladys the boot.

“This is ridiculous. Our Coalition agreement is with Gladys and move would be a dumb move,” Deputy Premier John Barilaro tweeted.

It’s unlikely that Gladys will actually be kicked out tomorrow, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated on all of the latest news as soon as it drops. Who needs Survivor when you can just look at the people that are meant to be leading the country!

Image: AAP / Steven Saphore