Messy: Someone Leaked Those Texts Where Gladys Called The PM ‘Horrible’ & They’re Spicy AF

Gladys Berejiklian smiling with a leaked image of texts between her and an unnamed Liberal about Scott Morrison.

Remember all those messy binch antics when someone leaked a text from former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian? An alleged text that she pretended didn’t exist? Where she apparently bitched about Prime Minister Scott Morrison and called him a horrible person? Well, it looks like that text has finally materialised for public viewing.

Meanwhile, the NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet called out Scott Morrison for limiting flood relief funding to Liberal electorates — which is what rebel Lib MP Catherine Cusack’s raged about earlier this week. The wheels are well and truly coming off the bus, people.

“I don’t understand and can’t comprehend why based on your local government somehow you are discriminated against,” he told ABC Breakfast on Tuesday morning.

But for now, back to the reason you’re here: those messy, messy texts. political editor Samantha Maiden dropped two previously-unseen texts that ~appear~ to be from Gladys Berejiklian on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

“Morrison is a horrible horrible person. He is actively spreading lies and briefing against me re the fires,’’ the spicy text message allegedly from Gladys reads.

The person who received it responded: “Morrison is about Morrison. Complete psycho. He is desperate and jealous. The mob have worked him out and he is a fraud.”

But wait, there’s more!

Berejiklian replied: “Thx. I’m just so so disappointed. Lives are at stake today and he is just obsessed with petty political pointscoring. So disappointed and gutted.”

OOF. Fighting words, my dude.

The leaks seem to be in response to Morrison saying Berejiklian denied she sent the text messages on ABC’s 7.30 on Tuesday night.

Leigh Sales gave Morrison a grilling about all the hate he’s gotten from his own party, including the two Liberal ministers who accused him of being a “selfish bully”. So naturally, she brought up the leaked text scandal re: Berejiklian earlier this year.

To refresh your memory, Channel 10 journalist Peter van Onselen (yes, that guy) revealed last year that an unnamed Liberal leaked a text to him of Berejiklian bitching about Scott Morrison.

Importantly, dear ol’ Gladys never actually denied sending the text messages — she just said she has no memory of them and Morrison has her full support.

So in last night’s 7.30 when Morrison said she did, well, that’s not true. And now there are some pretty savage screenshots to back it up.

It’s definitely been a rough few weeks for Scott Morrison’s reputation. Aside from his own constant blunders, his party is also done with his shit.

Last week Liberal senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells took to the floor to sensationally call the PM a “bully who has no moral compass”.

This week NSW state Liberal MP Catherine Cusack accused him of “self-serving, ruthless bullying”, quit her spot in NSW upper house and said she won’t vote Libs in the election.

The big reason she quit? The apparent favouritism Morrison’s government showed Coalition-held electorates for extra flood relief funding.

And as we touched on earlier daddy Dommie isn’t thrilled either.

“In my view it doesn’t matter where you’ve located — if you’ve lost your home you’ve lost your home,” he told the ABC.

“And that financial support needs to be provided and we will continue to do that and I will continue to speak to my colleagues in Canberra about getting that support to every single community right across the northern rivers.”

Aaaand now this.

Morrison himself seems pretty unflustered though — I guess you’d have to have feelings to care.