Gladys Berejiklian Claims Liberal Victory In New South Wales Election

Gladys Berejiklian

Gladys Berejiklian has been re-elected as New South Wales Premier, the state’s first elected female leader.

From Liberal HQ at Sofitel Sydney, Berejiklian delivered her victory speech first thanking Opposition Leader Michael Daley. 

“Thank you so much everybody, a short time ago I took a phone call from Opposition Leader Michael Daley who conceded that the next government in the New South Wales will be the Berejiklian Government,” she said.

The crowd shouted “Four more years, four more years, four more years.” 

It is still unclear whether it will be a majority or minority government.

Berejiklian thanked the candidates from all sides, the Liberal Party, her campaign director, her staff, supporters, and family.

“I am most proud of the state of New South Wales, I am incredibly proud of the wonderful place in which we live. No matter your background, where you live, your circumstances everybody in this state has the chance to be their best. A state in which someone with a long surname and a woman can be the premier of New South Wales.”

“I will continue to work our guts out, to make sure this state and its people have the best opportunities on the planet,” she said.

At Labor HQ, Daley conceded defeat.

“A short time ago I telephoned Gladys and congratulated her on her victory, I congratulated the Coalition on retaining government tonight,” he said.

Daley thanked his deputy Penny Sharp, his team, his electorate office, his family – especially his wife – and all “the beautiful people in the red t-shirts” who campaigned.

“Sometimes we win them, sometimes we lose them but some things never change … our passion to make New South Wales a better place,” he said. “I am proud of your efforts.”

Daley said he intends to remain the leader of the Labor Party.

“Thank you very much for the privilege, thank you very much for your efforts, hold your heads up high.” 

Earlier tonight, the ABC‘s elections analyst Antony Green and a Nine News poll predicted a Coalition victory .