Gladys Berejiklian Just Stormed Off In Her Last Daily Presser And Talk About Making An Exit

gladys berejiklian storms off daily presser

NSW’s last daily COVID press conference (for now) ended rather abruptly this morning after Premier Gladys Berejiklian was asked about the ICAC inquiry into her and her ex-lover Darryl Maguire.

This morning’s NSW press conference clocked in at just 34 minutes and took a swift turn come question time when reporters asked whether Berejiklian’s decision to stop doing daily COVID press conferences was because she is required to participate in the state’s ICAC inquiry.

“As I said, I don’t have anything to add on that matter,” she said.

“It would be inappropriate to comment on those ongoing investigations and I have nothing further to say.”

“We are not asking that, we are asking whether you have been called to give evidence at private hearings,” another reporter asked for clarification.

“That is a yes or no.”

Berejiklian refused to answer the question, again adding that she would not comment on the hearing.

“Oh gosh, gosh. I wish you could all be privy to the conversations we all had about the 11am press conferences.

“This is all about making sure that we provide good government for the people of New South Wales and the Premier of the state should front the people and she needs to make sure that people know when there is a major milestone or a major issue or when I feel I need to be accountable. Some days it could be seven days a week.”

Reporters pressed on, noting that MP for Drummoyne, John Sidoti, stepped down from the front bench when an investigation into him was announced. They then asked if someone who was under investigation by the ICAC—AKA the Premier—could *hypothetically* remain in the cabinet.

“Nothing has changed in relation to that matter,” she said.

Another reporter chimed in just as someone from Berejiklian’s team shouted “last question”, and asked: “do you believe that the public has a right to know if their premier or a member of her cabinet is before ICAC?”

“Well, they are matters for the integrity agency, absolutely,” added Berejiklian before abruptly ending the conference early and storming off. Talk about a finale.

You can watch it all play out in the video below.

Yesterday, NSW Minister for Health Brad Hazzard revealed when we can expect to see a COVID daily press conference after today.