It’s Feared A Leg Bone Found On A Roof May Belong To Gizmo, The Dog Stolen By A Seagull

Ever since I first heard about Gizmo, the tiny chihuahua who was snatched by a large seagull from his backyard last week in the UK city of Devon, I’ve been frantically looking for updates.

Obviously I kept hoping that the seagull got sick of carrying him and placed the 4kg doggo gently on the ground so he could be reunited with his humans, but sadly the case of Gizmo seems to have taken a grisly turn.

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About 9km from where Gizmo’s owner Rebecca Hill and her partner last saw their precious pup, a Devon resident named Natalie Williams made a discovery on a roof that is a hangout place for local seagulls.

According to The Sun, Natalie found a leg bone on a fire escape that she believes may belong to a dog, with the brown fur on it indicating that dog could be missing Gizmo. The leg bone is in that link to the article, if gawking at dog remains is your thing.

Gizmo Seagull
Gizmo and his human, Rebecca. Source: Facebook

She told The Sun:

There has been seagulls nesting there for months. We had to get someone out to remove a chicken’s head not long ago, as well as the body of a gull that had been cannibalised. On Friday, I found what can only be described as a mammal’s leg on a fire escape at the back. I straight away thought of Gizmo as it looks like it belongs to a dog. I really hope I’m wrong.

The bone is currently with a vet for testing. The Sun reports that Gizmo’s owner Rebecca was too upset to comment on the latest discovery.