Giant Red Ball From Art Installation Breaks Loose, Goes Rogue On Ohio Street

Like the rogue, traffic-stopping, nightmare fuel Minion before it, a giant inflatable red ball—part of the RedBall Project‘s [literally] traveling exhibition—has broken free from its shackles, bouncing and rolling its way through a Downtown street in Toledo, Ohio.

Citizen journalism at its absolute finest captured the moment – where, miraculously, no damage was caused.

For context’s sake – the RedBall project is a temporary art installation by artist Kurt Perschke – who wedges the spongy, inflatable ball in monuments, alleys and between buildings in cities around the world. 

Having a ball with this ball! #redballproject #tma #toledomuseumofart #toledo #toledoohio

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Truly a sign of the age we live in, and how viral the above moment became, Perschke is, at the time of writing, undertaking a Reddit AMA on the incident.

Highlights include:

Following the end of its tenure in Toledo tomorrow, the RedBall Project will travel to Marseille and Bordeaux in September and October this year.

via 9 News.