SPOOKY: A Giant Asteroid Will Miss The Earth Next Month By A Mere 5.3 Million Kilometres

A huge asteroid is expected to miss Earth by 5.3 million kilometres…

5.3 million kilometres…

My GOD is it close. Should I pack my Sportsgirl weekend bag now or not?

NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory announced that Asteroid 2000 QW7, expected to say g’day to the world from a slight distance on September 14, may span up to 650 meters in diameter. (For comparison, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is a keen 830 metres. Asteroid 2000 QW7’s diameter will most-likely be bigger than the height of the Empire State Building, though, so that’s some big dick energy, at least.)

It’s expected to be slugging along at 23,111 kilometres per hour when it passes the Earth but, to be honest, I’m still just screeching at everyone reporting that it’ll “skim” past the Earth

Last month, astronomers discovered Asteroid 2019 OK, measuring 100 metres in diameter, just hours before it travelled 70,000 kilometres from Earth (at its closest point) at 24 kilometres per second.

By comparison so Asteroid 2019 OK, we’re laffin’.