Epstein Victims’ Lawyer Says Maxwell “Knows Too Much” & Won’t “Get Out Of Jail Alive”

ghislaine maxwell jail

A lawyer for the alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein doesn’t reckon Ghislaine Maxwell “is going to get out of jail alive.”

In an interview with Daily Mail, lawyer Spencer Kuvin explained that Epstein’s victims fear Maxwell might be permanently “silenced” in jail because she “knows too much.”

Interestingly, Kuvin claims he said similar things about Epstein prior to his death, which was controversial to say the least.

“I don’t think she is going to get out of jail alive,” Kuvin said. “I said the same thing about Jeffrey Epstein and people laughed at me.”

“I think she knows way too much information – I just have this gut feeling.”

Kuvin predicted that she will either “take matters into her own hands” or will be permanently silenced by somebody who may have something to hide.

“It may be that she can’t handle the fear of what’s going to happen to her and takes matters into her own hands or there will be people who are very afraid of what she has to say.”

Obviously, you’ll have to put your tin foil hat on for this one, because it’s all just a bunch of theories at this stage.

But Kuvin also alleged that there could be more high profile figures involved in the scandal than we first thought, which could explain why the case was handled “the opposite of the way you’d prosecute a mob case.”

“By charging Ghislaine with as many counts as they did, the US Attorney’s office was probably looking for her to speak and will pressure her into giving more evidence,” he said.

Throughout the lengthy interview, he also hypothesised how he thinks Maxwell will handle the proceedings.

“I don’t think they will bargain away all of these charges and you want her to serve some serious time for what she did.”

“I think she will talk. Given who she is, her status and her lifestyle, I don’t think she has the ability to support herself which is why she was suing Epstein’s estate to pay her legal costs.”

Maxwell is currently facing a maximum of 35 years behind bars if found guilty of all charges. She is currently being held at the Merrimack County Jail in New Hampshire while she awaits a transfer to New York City.

Experts have told the New York Post they believe Maxwell will be transferred to the Lower Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center – the same facility in which Epstein died last August.