Guys, you know who Erin Deering is. Well, at the very least you know her company, Triangl Swimwear. It’s that bikini that, come summer, is always all over your Instagram feed. 

See? These bikinis:

Without Worry: The Bambi Mesh + Neoprene Bikini @meganblakeirwin wears ‘Sugar Plum’

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Triangl has gone from strength to strength, netting $5 milli in its first year, then onto $25 milli in its second. 

Deering has been named in BRW’s 2015 Top 100 Young Rich List, because she is now worth a ruddy humongous $36 million. This makes her number #66 on the list, and one of only eight women on the list. 

From the very beginning (and a self-confessed nonexistent marketing budget), Deering has relied heavily on Instagram, as many brands tend to do. But Triangl have really, really made Instagram work for them.

Her partner Craig Ellis (who Deering founded the company with) said this to BRW last year, after Miley Cyrus posted an Instagram post of herself wearing a Triangl bikinis:

“Instagram is the best platform because it’s measurable. If you give a bikini to a blogger, she takes a picture and posts it, it’s hard to know how many followers she has. But with Instagram, you can tell straight away.”

“You can’t contact a girl with 100,000 followers, when you’ve only got 1000 yourself, and think she’s going to post for you.”

Round About: Farrah | Crochet + Neoprene @giizeleoliveira wears ‘Hotel California’

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Once they had built their following, they decided to set their sights on one of the most influential social media personalities: the Kardashians

“We sent a couple of bikinis to [Kendall Jenner’s] friends on the off-chance she might see and like them.” 

Then, after that strategy totally worked, “Kendall tweeted a picture of her in the bikini to 5 million people. That kickstarted some intense growth in the United States.”

And the strategy of getting Instagram personalities to post pics of themselves wearing a Triangl bikini (usually in gorgeous locations) kept working:

All Oasis: PATTI Crochet + Neoprene @nikkikphillips wears ‘Hearts On Fire’

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White Walls: @tashoakley from @abikiniaday Wearing the Lily Neoprene Bikini in ‘Strawberry Kiss’ Our Latest Collection, Online Now

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Splish Splash: @mimielashiry takes a dip in the Milly ‘Indiana Ice’ Bikini

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And now, here they are. Deering has a bikini’d kingdom filled with gorgeous, fiercely loyal followers, she’s in the BRW Young Rich List, and she has a net worth of $36 million. 

Damn ya’ll. If this doesn’t get you hungry to start your own empire, then this has probably made ready as hell for summer. 

via BRW I & II.

Images via Instagram.