Get Ready To Feel, The ‘Stranger Things’ Soundtrack Is Out Tomorrow

We’ve all seen ‘Stranger Things‘ by now, yeah? Maybe even twice? If you haven’t, drop what you’re doing, run home, and hit play one episode one. Whatever it is you’re doing right now isn’t as important as this.

The magnificently bonkers pastiche of everything 80s is just about one of the best new series to hit the airwaves this year, and that’s thanks in no small part to the show’s bloody grouse soundtrack.
We’ve known for a while that Netflix has been planning to release the synth-heavy score to the show, that was put together by Texas outfit S U R V I V E. But now we’ve got a timeline to attach to it, and holy shit is it soon.
Part 1 of the ‘Stranger Things‘ OST (yes, it’s coming in two parts, holy crap) hits the internet in digital form on Friday, August 12th. As in, “HOLY SHIT THAT’S TOMORROW.”
The second half of the OST will arrive a week later on the 19th. For those of you keen to get your grubby mitts around a physical form of the soundtracks, they’re being released on CD on September 16th and September 23rd respectively.
It should be stated that at least Part 1 of the releases features just the original score, not the pop songs featured throughout the first season of the series. But still, you’ll be in Synth City soon enough. Who bloody needs Toto!
The tracklist for Part 1 looks a little bit like this:
Stranger Things – Original Netflix Series Soundtrack Volume 1
1. Stranger Things
2. Kids
3. Nancy and Barb
4. This Isn’t You
5. Lay-Z-Boy
6. Friendship
7. Eleven
8. A Kiss
9. Castle Byers
10. Hawkins
11. The Upside Down
12. After Sarah
13. One Blink For Yes
14. Photos in the Woods
15. Fresh Blood
16. Lamps
17. Hallucinations
18. Hanging Lights
19. Biking to School
20. Are You Sure?
21. Agents
22. Papa
23. Cops are Good at Finding
24. No Weapons
25. Walking Through the Nether
26. She’ll Kill You
27. Run Away
28. No Autopsy
29. Dispatch
30. Joyce and Lonnie Fighting
31. Lights Out
32. Hazmat Suits
33. Theoretically
34. You Can Talk To Me
35. What Else Is There To Do?
36. Hawkins Lab

You’ll be able to get at the precious files via all the usual digital music outlets.
Source: The AV Club.