One of the highlights of the freaking fantastic The LEGO Movie was the film’s centrepiece song “Everything is Awesome” – a little ditty that started out as a corporate obedience mantra and wound up being a joyous little number about the power of friendship and teamwork and the like.

Well it turns out that when you turn it into a downtrodden, slow piano number it gets really depressing. It gets even more depressing when you use that song for an anti-oil company campaign wherein a bunch of happy, smiling LEGO figures and scenes are slowly engulfed by a rapidly rising ocean of oil.

Greenpeace has put together this wildly effective ad campaign to protest against Shell. It’s… it’s straight up heartbreaking is what it is. Particularly when the heroes of the LEGO movie make a little cameo appearance.

Every… everything isn’t awesome? *TEARS*