GET IN: VIC Government Has Reportedly Struck A Deal To Legalise Uber Soon

Not that any of us actually need the service to be legalised in order to use it, but still… Regulation’s a good thing.

At long bloody last it would appear that the Victorian State Government is on the verge of introducing legislation that would see Uber fully legalised for operation within the state.
The Andrews Government has dragged their heels on the issue for quite some time, despite support from the opposition and a plethora of consumers voting with their feet (or smartphones, as it were).
However, a private member’s bill from the Sex Party appears to have finally forced their hand.
The Age reports that the Andrews Labor Government will introduce the new legislation after Parliament returns from its winter break. Although Parliament is in session today and does not rise for the break until tomorrow, the slight delay has been caused by negotiations that have reportedly taken place between Labor and the opposing parties.
The private member’s bill from Sex Party leader Fiona Patten was set to be debated today, however the deal struck by Labor avoids a potentially embarrassing vote.
Instead, the Sex Party’s bill will inform Labor’s legislation, much in the same way that a similar bill that the Sex Party’s bill on protester buffer zones around abortion clinics did.
Transport Minister Jacinta Allan stated that Labor will work on the framework for the bill through the winter break.
Meanwhile, Premier Daniel Andrews fronted media this morning and stated that the Government would strive to get the legislation through, but only if it was done “right.”

“I think getting this right is the most important thing. We are a step closer to being able to regulate this industry.”

The Victorian State Parliament returns from its winter break on August 16th.

Source: The Age.
Photo: Martin Ollman/Getty.