Get Hyped On ‘Straya’s Future With Triple J’s Jam-Packed 25 Under 25 List

Congratulations, young Australia – you are certified guns, and Triple J’s red-hot 25 Under 25 list is just more proof. The list runs the gamut from organic farmers to entrepreneurs and activists, and the snapshots below represent a slice of sweet ‘Strayan slayin’.


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Josh Caratelli, 19 
He’s a programmer whose game Smog aims to teach the youngins’ about their carbon footprint. 
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Sophie Hardcastle, 22 
Her book Running Like China has been hailed as a brave, no-holds-barred account of her experiences with mental illness.

Lucas Patchett, 21
Along with a mate, Lucas put Orange Sky Laundry together. They kit vans out with laundry equipment, helping homeless people with free clothes washing and drying. 
Prudence Melom, 20
Her initiative E-Raced aims to do away with stereotypes and prejudice through storytelling in rural communities. 

Rowan Anderson, 24
A builder by trade, his rapidly-expanding company has become known for hiring at-risk employees and providing a pathway to success.

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Madelaine Scott, 21
Her organic-egg empire has grown to a flock of 2000 chooks. Totally certified, she delivers the eggs throughout Melbourne every week.

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Joe Dinsmoor, 23
He’s Archie Rose’s head-honcho of distillery, and he’s scoring goals in the spirits industry.

Georgia Nanscawen, 23
If Joe is scoring metaphorical goals, Georgia is scoring very real ones – A Hockeyroo by day, she also helps disadvantaged youth and is an ambassador for The Orangutan Project.
Kate Murton, 24

Currently studying a Masters of Public Health, Kate has set up Operation Bahati. It’s already raised over $70k for medical funding across rural Kenya. 
Jyothi Foreman, 22
Foreman is legit one of the best young jewellers in the world, and she has the medals to prove it. She’s such a gun, she’s already taken on her own apprentice, too.
Nathan Basha, 24
A motivational speaker, Nathan’s message focuses on empowerment and possibility for people with disabilities. He also sticks his beak in radio and film work. 
Chern’ee Sutton, 18 
Her artwork has taken on a life of its own, and she’s been chosen for artist residencies around the country. When she’s not in front of the canvas, she also mentors and tutors kids in her community.

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Madeline Price, 22 

An overseas trip spurred her to found the feminist not-for-profit One Woman Project, who now run seminars for school and uni students.

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Jack Colley, 23
Essentially a wizard, Jack’s San Fran-based company Lightwave do crazy things with mood-sensing smart sensor technology.
Hayden Smith, 22
Hayden’s the head of a world-record-holding solar powered car project, and is dead-set on harnessing renewable energy.
Robyn Lambird, 18 
She’s one of the country’s only female wheelchair rugby players, and she also runs a YouTube blog documenting her successes while living with cerebral palsy.
Bec Lucas, 23
The charity walks she’s organised in memory of her father have raised a cool $1 million for brain cancer research. Not too shabby at all, Bec.
Chris Ikonomidis, 20
Italian football club Lazio are so hyped on Chris’ talents, they locked him down for a 5-year contract extension, and he’s making waves on the field in Rome.
Cleo Loi, 24
Cleo’s work in astrophysics has already resulted in some pretty huge discoveries, and she’s been invited to speak about the Earth’s ionosphere to peak international bodies. 
Ashley Farrall, 23
He’s already taken out NAIDOC’s Apprentice Of The Year Awards for his culinary work, and Ashley plans to open a restaurant fusing Aussie bush food with other cuisines.
Savannah van der Niet, 22 
After nabbing an official photography spot for Splendour In the Grass, she’s already becoming a legitimate creative mogul.
Jye Gudenswager, 23 
Inspired by his granddad’s work, Jye kicked on with Gen4 Surfboards. He’s already shaped over 500 boards, and things keep on getting bigger for him and the company.
Glenn Owen, 21
He’s a next-level volunteer emergency worker, working huge hours at his local fire brigade. When he can, he also hikes up to help in disaster areas – most notably, helping those affected by cyclone Marcia earlier this year. 
Odessa Young, 17
Her on-screen role in Wonderland and her double-header at the Venice Film Festival combine to make Odessa one of the country’s most promising acting exports. 
Kyle Ewart, 24
Before Kyle’s discovery of a new test for identifying rhino horn, authorities used to wait weeks for verification the material they confiscated wasn’t fake. Now, they can get confirmation in less than a day – a huge time difference in the fight against illegal poaching.

Story: ABC.
Photo: Twitter / LinkedIn.